Friday, April 4, 2014

Please Help Answer - Frugal Wedding Dress Question

Q.  My mother-in-law is making my wedding dress, but she used the wrong satin and it's very stiff. There's a delicate lace overlay appliqued to the satin. What can I do to soften the satin without ruining any of the material? I'm hoping to have more movement rather than structure. Thanks!
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Dot said...

If this happened to me, I'd ask my mother-in-law for scraps of the satin if she still has any. Then I'd try different things on the scraps. The first thing I'd try would be water. It may just be fabric sizing that's making it stiff, in which case you could rinse it out. Then put a rubber band around the satin area of the dress where it touches the rest of the dress and try to rinse just that portion. If you can't do that, you could try sponging each side with water repeatedly, but test first.

Anne, pro-education for all said...

great idea - use the scraps to see what will work, what will damage it or not.

Unknown said...

Use it on the scraps first...but I believe steam will work for you.
I have painted on fabrics and the acrylic paint makes the fabric stiff, but I steam it with a fabric/ garment steamer and the stiffness is gone. Like it was never painted.
Please email me and let me know what you find that works, and best of luck to you.

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