Friday, February 14, 2014

10 Imaginative Valentine's Ideas

These days it seems like a simple card or a box of chocolates for our significant other will no longer suffice on Valentine's day. We look at ten ways to show your partner how much you care without emptying your bank account.

1. Make a card yourself

The trouble with Valentine's cards is that they are a bit impersonal. It's a lot to expect that a complete stranger's words or images will somehow magically sum-up your own feelings for your partner.
Making a card yourself is far more personal and fun – you can even get the kids involved (if you have them). You don't need to splash out loads on materials either as you can easily make your card by simply recycling household materials like card or even lettering cut from a newspaper or magazine.
There's lots of templates for Valentine's cards available online or you could always get creative with your MS clip art on your lunch break. You partner is bound to be impressed as it shows a lot more thought than simply walking into your nearest Clintons.

2. Flowers

These days a bouquet of red roses does not come cheap – especially around Valentine's day. But if you are determined to 'say it with flowers', then there are some cheaper alternatives ... Read more

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