Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Which Way Should the Ceiling Fan Rotate?

Question: Which Way Should the Ceiling Fan Rotate?
What is the correct ceiling fan rotation during summer and winter? Is your ceiling fan on the proper seasonal rotation? It could save you energy dollars if it rotates in the proper direction depending whether it is winter or summer.

Ceiling fans provide great air circulation and you can optimize these benefits by ensuring the ceiling fan rotation of the blades is correct for circulating warm air during winter or creating a breeze effect by moving or circulating the air better, during a hot summer.  Read the entire article.

Don't just read the initial instructions.  Not all ceiling fans are made alike.  Read through to the bottom so you can actually determine whether your ceiling fan is "standard" or operates differently than the initial answer.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Painting Tips

Here's an article with 14 tips to make your next painting project easier.  Videos and step-by-step instruction really makes it easier.  Such as the first one ...

How to Paint Faster
Master painter, Jay Gorton, shares tips and techniques from 30 years of residential painting work, covering everything from roller selection to taping to caulking and filling.

Jay got his first painting lessons when he worked for his father-in-law painting houses in the Minneapolis area. Since then he’s perfected his trade and grown a business from a one-man operation to a team of more than 30 painters at times.

Most of his work is in high-end new construction where he specializes in glass-smooth enamel finishes, faux-finished walls, and antiqued and distressed woodwork. It’s from his background in this high-quality production painting that Jay gathered the tips he’s showing us here.  Read the entire article.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Does Expensive Paint Pay Off?

Imagine the perfect latex paint. It sticks to anything, covers in one coat, levels smoothly, is strong yet flexible and lasts for decades. It never fades or chalks. It discourages mildew growth and is formulated so you can apply it in cold weather. And it doesn't drip.

Unfortunately, that perfect paint has yet to be developed. Never will be, either.

The ingredients in a batch of paint just have too many limitations and trade-offs. But while there may be no such thing as perfect paint, there are definitely high- and low-quality paints. Look at the differences, particularly as they apply to exterior latex paints.  Is it worth buying the good stuff?  Read the entire article ...

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Electronic Addiction: How It's Affecting Our Health

There is an already pervasive and rapidly expanding force of disease that no doubt affects you on a daily basis. It is a potentially harmful force that many people, quite frankly, cannot resist and may actively seek exposure to like an unknowing addict.

I am talking about electronic media which includes the news media, television, social media, email, and the internet in general. Many will, of course, immediately argue that electronic media is not all harmful and point to its many efficiently informative and individually empowering aspects.

While this is most certainly true, discussions regarding the benefits of electronic media are highly prevalent. Most individuals need little persuasion to agree that this tantalizing technology is generally positive or even some type of utopian catalyst.

In contrast, I believe the harmful power of this technology is severely overlooked or denied, leading to a dangerously positive and careless attitude toward its use. The negative impacts of electronic media are extremely broad (just as broad as its positive impacts), including significant environmental, social, political, and economic effects. To keep this essay brief, however, I'll focus mainly on individual health effects.  Read the article.

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Cardboard Gardening

by Stacy Tornio

I’m a bargain hunter. A penny-pincher. A cheapskate. Nothing makes me happier than finding thrifty and resourceful ways to save money on the things I need or want.

I’m also a gardener. And, as anyone who has ever tended a patch of tomatoes can attest, it’s alarmingly easy to spend a lot of money on a garden. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a super cheap, super simple way to have a better garden. Cardboard!

A couple of years ago, I heard that cardboard made a good foundation for new garden beds, so that fall I grabbed a few recycled boxes, flattened them in the backyard and waited. In spring, when it came time to plant, the cardboard had broken down and I had a lovely new garden bed of rich soil, ready for planting.

Something that’s free, easy and makes for a better garden? I was hooked ...

But what if cardboard is more than just mulch or a weed barrier? What if it’s the key to a whole new approach to gardening.  A few brainstorming sessions later with the Birds & Blooms staff and experts, and we had a laundry list of ideas for our new approach ... Read the entire article.

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Renew Your Concrete Patio

Concrete stain is a fast, simple way to turn your dull gray patio into a lively, colorful surface that will make your outdoor space more inviting. The stain is nearly foolproof to apply—just wet the concrete and spray on the stain. If you’re not happy with the result, you can go back and apply a second or third coat to enhance the color.

In this step-by-step article, you’ll find out how to apply the stain, including ideas for mixing stains to create a unique, multicolored surface that looks like marble. You’ll save a substantial amount of money by doing it yourself, and you won’t need any special tools—just basic painting tools and rain-free weather. If you’re cutting kerfs into the concrete, you’ll need a diamond masonry blade for your circular saw.  Read the entire article.

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