Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tips On Interpreting Job Postings

Job postings are available in many formats and if you are not careful, you may eliminate yourself as a possible applicant by not interpreting the job posting for what it really conveys.
This career article offers four tips on finding the deeper meaning of job advertisements. Learning how to interpret these four components of job postings is the first step to successfully applying for them:

1. Experience Required
2. Salary Required
3. Organizational Skills Required
4. Proficieny Required

The single most common requirement stated in job advertisements is experience. Some positions require no experience at all, while others might require 1-2 years of experience, while the most senior positions might require 10 or more years of experience! These numbers can be very intimidating, but the right approach can make a difference. When thinking about the experience required by a job, consider these options:

1. Work experience is NOT just typical jobs. Internships, volunteer work, and clubs are all valid forms of experience. Any learning opportunity is considered work experience.

2. Tailor your resume to fit the job description. If an advertisement says that a position requires 3 years of experience in sales, make sure your resume highlights ... Read the entire article.

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