Saturday, October 13, 2012

Questions to Ask Before Relocating, Places to Retire, Moving


You've made up your mind to move far away when you retire, to give yourself a fresh new start. You'll relocate to an affordable place of warm winters. There will be long leisurely readings of the newspaper over coffee, weekly tennis games and rounds of golf.

Wait, you're not thinking about doctors?

Maybe you haven't put "great health care" on your wish list when planning your move, but you certainly should. While your planned new home may be in your budget and in the right climate, it needs to fit into your life in many other ways.

"It's not always about the money when it comes to deciding where to live in retirement," says AARP work expert Kerry Hannon, author of the forthcoming book AARP's Great Jobs for Everyone 50+. "Money does matter, but what's really key ... Read the entire article.

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