Thursday, December 29, 2011

Prepaid Funerals - You Be the Judge!

 Paying for the funeral ahead of time, sounds like the thing to do.  However, there are complications that can arise that even the most ardent planner may have missed.

For instance;

1.  The funeral home you have been paying changes hands - many times the new owner will not honor the prepaid funerals from the previous owner(s).

2.  Federal law doesn't regulate the funeral industry, so investigate the state you're in to find out what protection you can expect.

3.  The costs aren't necessarily locked in at the time of your death so make sure you read the fine print.

What are the Alternatives

1.  prearrange your funeral without paying for it in advance

2.  set up a "payable upon death" bank account. It will earn interest, be available for an emergency, and still provide financial support to your family when you pass away.

Since their is no federal oversight, it is imperative you contact your state agency that regulates the funeral industry and talk with them about your prepaid funeral concerns.  Find out more specifics.

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