Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to Downsize Your Home

Many people are looking to downsize these days, either because they're getting older or they need to reduce the financial burdens of a big house and mortgage. But editing a lifetime's worth of possessions can be difficult.

I spoke recently with Jim Henderson, president of William C. Huff Companies, a moving and storage firm with offices in Naples, Fla., and Barrington, N.H., to find out how to handle what is often a time-consuming and emotional process. Mr. Henderson specializes in affluent homeowners, whose homes average 6,000 square feet, and who may pay up to $100,000 to move a household full of antiques, artwork and other fine furnishings.

Here are his tips:
Start early: Too often, families don't start going through their things until they've signed a contract on their new home. Then as they become overwhelmed with other details of moving, they quickly abandon ... Read the entire article.

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