Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free Activites for Couples

Recently, I read an article in a  publication we get about a husband that had trouble reading.  So, the wife offered to read the book to him.  Together, they enjoyed the book and developed new common interests.

This reminded me that this is something Donna and I have done too.  Although, it isn't because we have trouble reading we just take turns reading the mutually agreed to book outloud.  This helps us have new common discussions that we can enjoy and also helps each of us to have a deeper look inside of our mate.  Many times as we read things that we didn't know about each other,  some new reaction or meaning will pop out based on how we are reacting to the material being read aloud.  Try this some time together and see if this doesn't help you to know one another better, become more informed and deepen your commitment to one another.

Now regarding this activity, we have started a page on our site that will permit you to add more activities that you have enjoyed over the years.  Just post your comment, remember they are moderated so you only need to submit each comment once.

So many times couples think they have to spend money to be entertained so our hope is this will be a helpful list for those days when the pocketbook simply won't permit those activities that cost money.

Let us know your couple activities.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this. My husband does not like to read so I read books aloud for both of us to enjoy. This sparks lots of discussion!

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