Friday, December 23, 2011

Eye-Glasses Online? What Will They Think of Next?

Yes, you can save a great deal of money buying glasses online.  Doing a quick look in the search listings I saw various savings all the way up to 70% off ads.  Glasses have gotten expensive over the years and some locations have discount optical centers nearby.  Others aren't so lucky, now you can do even better by uploading your picture and trying on the frames virtually.

Looking for a review of what people think I found this link for the company WarbyParker.  A quick glance revealed most everyone loved the experience.

Other fine companies include FramesDirect and JustEyewear and many more you can search for via your favorite search engine.

To start the process you will need

1.  your latest prescription

2.  pupilary distance from your latest exam

3.  your frame size they are usually in the inside of an old pair

4.  a picture to upload to the website to try on your glasses virtually

If anyone has done this within our readership, please comment about your experience and what companies are good to use.  I just may try this next time I need new glasses.

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