Monday, December 26, 2011

Designer Jewelry at Low Prices

by Donna

Do you know some creative people who seem to be able to do almost anything artistic? I have a friend in Oklahoma, Christina, that is amazing with various forms of dance, she's given me a painting that is so beautiful and creative, she does wall murals and created an amazing room for her recent first child's nursery, and I have a beaded angel in my car that looks like it has a thousands beads in it. That means one bead at a time required a lot of patience and love besides being able to follow a pattern to get all those beads in the right place to look like an angel.

Well, Christina began making jewelry a few years ago and has sold a lot of it because her creations are truly unique and I believe inspired by God. I am always astounded at what she comes up with, each one being totally unique in its own way. And the prices for a uniquely designed piece of jewelry are incredible! She mainly sells her jewelry locally, but you can purchase through a site that is online (link below).

So if you enjoy beautiful jewelry and have a bit of Christmas gift money in your pocket, I wanted to promote her website. Even if you're not looking for any jewelry right now, take a look at the beauty of what she does. Visit Artistically Yours now.

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