Monday, August 22, 2011

Make Elderberry Fritters – Recipe/ Growing Elderberries

If you have ever wanted to grow any elderberries that are anti-oxidant-rich 'super-berries' in your own yard, it is easier than you think!

Elderberries, aronia berries, currants, and raspberries are all tops in anti- oxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals.

It used to be that I would try to find an elderberry bush to gather these purple beauties to make jelly, but they grow in the wild where there is often poison ivy, or I would forget. If you know where a bush is on public land, you may want to plan to gather the deeply reddish-purple power-packed berries before the birds in order to freeze or dehydrate for muffins, make a tincture, or use in a smoothie with honey.

We have a dear elderly friend ~from our years on the farm~ named Mary who is 94. She has been picking and making elderberry syrup, jams, and using the berries for muffins and pancakes since she learned it from her mother as a girl. It was a common practice that was felt to give 'vitality and vigor'.

The Israelis have researched use for a product named Sambucol (after the Latin name Sambuccus nigra). The purplish-black berries contain potassium and large amounts of vitamin C, and have been proven in quite a few recent studies to shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms, as well as strengthen the immune system. They contain more ... Read the entire article.

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