Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ways to Get Free Plants

Craigslist: Post a Wanted ad on Craigslist, asking for free plants. Most gardeners love to help others out when they have excess in their own garden. (If you have some plants already, this is a great place to offer to trade plants). Another free site you can request free plants is on FreeCycle.

Nursery: While you wouldn't typically think about getting free plants at a nursery, they can be an excellent place to get them. Always take the time to ask if the nursery has any plants that they're going to be tossing? A part of the business is that sad looking plants don't sell well and they need to get rid of them somehow. That often means throwing them out. When you pick up free plants this way, they won't look very good the first year, but with some TLC many can make a wonderful come back and look great for years to come.

Landscaping Crews: Another great place to get free plants is from landscaping crews. If you see a landscaping crew working on a job where they are replacing displays, be sure to stop and ask what they are going to do with the plants they are taking out. Often times the plants being replaced are going to be thrown out or composted. It doesn't hurt to ask, and more often than not you'll come away with a large number of plants.

One note with this approach is that you'd better be prepared for them to "gift" you with everything they were going to compost. You will want to travel with a kit for these situations in your vehicle which includes empty boxes, buckets, trash bags, garden gloves, etc. This approach is especially effective in civic gardens or at large commercial jobs.

Yellow Pages: Not having luck in finding landscapers on the road? Another effective approach is to open up the yellow pages and get on the phone. Call all the local ... Find Out More Ways.

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