Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pay Yourself to Clear Out Your Junk

There is often a dilemma when you go to clear out your old belongings. You see this 1943 whatever and you wonder silently is this worth something? You read or see on TV people finding things at a garage sale that are enormously more valuable than the original owner thinks. Well no one wants to give away the store so you need a place you can check real world prices on the items that are in question.

Guess what, there is such a place. It takes the pricing from recent eBay sales and matches them to your items. This helps you to see do I really want to give that 1943 gizmo away or do I want to sell it instead.

When the "clearing out" urge strikes go to and search for your items, the site will give you a value and show pictures too of recent similar eBay transactions.

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