Monday, January 17, 2011

Cut Your Heating Bill

Lower your thermostat in the winter.  For each degree you drop, you cut your heating bill by 3%.

To feel more comfortable with the lower temperatures, place pans of water near heating outlets or radiators.  Water-filled air retains heat better, and the added humidity reduces itching and dry skin.

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Karen Cook said...

There are other things you can do to keep from feeling chilly when you lower your thermostat.

First of all, my mother always told us to put on our sweaters. Keeping warm with an extra layer makes lowering the temp easier.

Second, cups of tea, cocoa, soup and the like warm you from the inside out.

Third, close off rooms you aren't using during the time when you're home. If you're usually in your home office, close off the bedroom and other vents if you can so the warmth is only coming into the room(s) you're in. If your bedroom's chilly when you go to bed, make a habit of opening up the vent and leaving the door open from warmer areas 30 minutes or more before you go to bed.

Fourth, don't sit around all day/evening. Moving around will keep you warmer than just sitting. It's also healthier.

Fifth, keep your feet warm. Don't go barefoot, put on your shoes and socks. Keeping your feet warm helps you feel warm.

Unknown said...

Here's another tip that may seem a bit historical (picture Scrooge) ... wearing a hat indoors. There was a reason people wore nightcaps to bed. It kept a lot of the body's heat from escaping. There's an area of the head where a lot of body heat is released (think heat rising), so wearing a cap keeps it in and literally makes you much warmer. If you are familiar with cradle cap, that's the area I'm talking about. Try it! You'll be amazed.

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