Sunday, February 7, 2010

Old Van Or New Car

Q. I have an older van that really needs to have major repairs, such as brakes and possibly a new/rebuilt engine. We put a new transmission in it before Christmas while I was still working. I am at home now and use the van primarily for carting the kids to the store and to the pool, etc. My husband has the "I want a "new" car urge and keeps talking about using my van for a trade-in. We figure that we could "afford" payments of $200.00 a month but that would be all of our discretionary budget. How do we decide which is the best use of our money? Fix the old or invest in a newer vehicle? MichelleRaytown, MO

A. There are several questions to consider. I doubt that you can get a brand new car for your trade in plus $200 payments, so you will probably get another used one. Is that going to be any better than the one you have? Do you want to have NO ... Read the entire article.

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