Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Messy Homes Cost More

From Frugal.Families.com

The biggest reason, I think, that you spend more in a messy house is because you can never find anything! Need a can opener but misplaced the other two you already have? off to the store to purchase another one. Hey, did we or didn't we ever buy a stapler? Who knows, but we need it for a school project, so off to the store we go. I helped one person clean up some clutter. We ended up finding six battery rechargers and those three electric can openers in addition to lots of other stuff.

Another common thread to people with messy homes is that they often have tons and tons of clothes. When laundry isn't kept up or clothes aren't put away in drawers, it is hard to find anything to wear. Hence you have to make some more trips to the store to add to your wardrobe. While I've seen exceptions to this rule (messy homes where the family wore the same clothes for days on end), most of the time people who say they have nothing to wear have enough clothing to open a consignment shop. Read the entire article.

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