Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emergency Power Options

Winter can be a dangerous time to be without power, but you can keep your home and family warm with a little planning. If it’s frigid outside and the electrical grid goes down, you need backup heating right away. Central heating systems fueled with oil or gas need electricity to function, and when they quit, houses can become unlivable in a matter of hours.

All over the country, the transmission lines, transformers and switches that make up the electrical grid are old and overloaded, according to Daniel Scotto, a Wall Street financial analyst specializing in electric utilities. Experts say we can expect more frequent power failures because the aging infrastructure isn’t being upgraded, especially now that the worldwide meltdown of the banking system is making investment financing scarce.

The best way to protect your family is to do some planning now. Read the entire article.

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Hazel said...

kettle on to boil on open fire as I type this - not that grid has failed in the UK but the last bill for fuel was HORRENDOUS.

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