Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rent College Textbooks

Tired of forking over hundreds of dollars on college textbooks each semester? Then, stop buying your books, and start renting them instead. Several websites now allow you to rent the textbooks that you need, and to return them when you're done. It's so easy, you'll wish you'd done it sooner.

How Textbook Renting Works

1. Pick the company that you'd like to order from. Options include:


2. Locate your textbooks on the rental site by title, author or ISBN.

3. Select how long you need to keep the books – a semester, a quarter, the summer.

4. Place your order, and wait for your books to arrive.

5. Use the textbooks for as long as you need them.

6. Then, ... Read the entire article.


Anonymous said...

Its another Textbook renter which offers used textbooks for 1 semester or a summer term.

Unknown said...

We use to rent textbooks and save a lot of money. I wanted to share a promotional code that your readers can use to get a discount on their text order. Put in the code when ordering and hit the "apply" button. The code also gives you back an additional $5 when selling Chegg your used texts.

The code does NOT have an expiration date so it can be used every time you order. Here it is:


Feel free to pass this to anyone who wants to save money!

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