Thursday, August 6, 2009

Peeling Back the Layers of Your Financial Onion

The number one reason why people go into debt isn't lack of money. It's a lack of something else. Something that doesn't have anything to do with money. What else? Well, that really depends on the person.

In most cases, overspending is only a symptom of a larger problem. The problem could be one of many things: low self-esteem, boredom, loneliness, etc. Our inner problems usually have a way of manifesting externally, whether it's a weight problem, an addiction, or spending too much.

The problem with overspending is that it creates other problems in the process: debt, clutter, or even strained relationships. Suddenly you've created a downward spiral that perpetuates itself.

If you're suffering financially, ask yourself why." Read the entire article.


Kathleen Campbell-Smith said...

Although this is a fictional account, I think it is a mistake to blame the wife for the husband's low self-esteem. I think that self-esteem is developed in a person's early years and is carried with them into their later relationships. It may be that they both suffer from self-esteem issues and also have poor communication skills. Some very good counseling at this point in their marriage could benefit the couple and save their marriage.

Unknown said...

I totally agree that Rob had a problem before he married that the wife is just reinforcing. We do tend to marry somebody "comfortable" which generally means similar to what we were raised with.

Somebody who doesn't feel good about themselves can't encourage and make somebody else feel good, so it is a never-ending circle. Marriage counseling is definitely in order.

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