Saturday, August 22, 2009

Make It Easy to Not Eat Out

In my household we struggle with not eating out. I grew up on many restaurant and take out meals
, and eating out is often as much about entertainment as it is about feeding yourself.

But eating out is a big expense in our budget. With a family of five, it usually costs us around $40-45, just for a diner, family style meal or even pizza if we order it at the restaurant. Even a fast food drive thru will cost us $20-25.

Here are some more strategies I employ to keep the temptation of eating out at bay.

Consider eating out a very special occasion and not the norm. My husband's family never ate out unless it was someone's birthday, anniversary or graduation. So many times today we view eating out as the norm and cooking at home as a special occasion. If you reverse the thinking, then you won't even consider eating out unless it is well planned.

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