Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting Out Of Debt Rewards Plan

From Frugal Dad

Last week on Twitter I mentioned that one of the toughest things about a debt snowball plan is sustaining momentum as you move through each of the debts. Early on, victories come quickly with smaller debts geting paid off on nearly a monthly basis, or so it was in our case. But later on you find yourself staring up at those last two or three piles of debt and realizing it is going to take months, or even years, to follow through on your financial goals. That’s when it is time to schedule some rewards for your hard work.

With the summer half over, and no vacation plans on the horizon, we have decided to schedule a long weekend in the near future for a short trip somewhere close. It’s a reward to ourselves for hitting a major milestone in our debt repayment plan - we are now completely free of car debt for the first time in our 11-year marriage! Ideas for Setting Up a Getting Out of Debt Rewards Plan.

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