Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Family Fun - Wildlife Watch

The economic slump has many families getting back to nature. Children learn so much while enjoying the outdoors and it's a classroom that has many life lessons that parents can use to have meaningful conversation with their children.

Being outdoors improves health in many ways and can even prevent nearsightedness in recent research.

National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Watch website really makes it fun. Some of the ways to use the site are:

• Compile a list of what you've seen by checking off the photos of animals, plants, trees, or other critters

• Share photos of your outdoor adventures with the Wildlife Watch Flickr group

• “Tell Your Story” about wildlife you see on a special message board

• Get up-to-the-minute info about wildlife through the Wildlife Watch Twitter page

• Find local spots to watch for wildlife near you with NatureFind

Through Wildlife Watch, you’ll gain first hand experience with plants and animals in their natural environment.

Watch a 5-minute video.
Join the hunt today!

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