Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reducing Vet Bills

Taking your pet to the vet is as daunting as making a trip to the emergency room. Your mind buzzes with thoughts of the lack of control (too bad animals can't talk) and the cost.

I was so surprised and upset to hear the following story from a friend that had taken her cat for several vet visits and paid for several prescriptions besides the office visits and procedures, so frugal thoughts took over.

This email is from the friend in Canada:

I was previously charged $15.69 for 10 ml of Lactulose at the Vet. Yesterday, they were going to give me 100 ml since I have to keep her on it, and charge me $156.90 for it.

I said, "Wait a minute ... That sounds like a lot! I would like to check and see if I can buy it at Shopper's (pharmacy), and I'll let you know if I need a prescription." So I called the pharmacy and sure enough, I can buy a litre bottle (1000 ml) for $25.

Let me do the math for you: $25 for 1000 ml (instead of $156.90 for 100 ml)
So the comparison for the same amount of Lactulose is: $25.00 at pharmacy or $1569.00 from vet

After reading this I asked another friend about this since she visits the vet frequently since she provides foster care for rescues at her local shelter. She said this was definitely an option since her vet at times has told her to get the necessary drugs from the pharmacy because it would be cheaper there.

So, we find that there may be another way to keep our pets healthy within a limited budget.

If you've had experience doing this, please let us all know about it by posting a comment below. Read comments at original article.

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