Friday, January 9, 2009

Saving 101

From ING Direct Newsletter, October 2008

ING offers $25 for opening an online saving or free checking account with a $250 deposit. That's an instant 10% earnings. Email me and I'll have a referral link sent to you for this promotion which must come from a current account holder. There's no general link to post for this opportunity.

Here’s the skinny on ways to plump up your savings balance.

Before you travel, visit for deals on hotels – on this site you can clip coupons that give you great rates along the way.

Get your next haircut or manicure at a local beauty school and you could pay as little as $5 for that trim.

Buy packets of movie tickets and save as much as $3 a head for even first-run flicks.

Cut coupons and go online to your supermarket’s website for coupons – an average family
can save as much as $700 annually.

Change your air filter in the car more frequently and you could get 10% more mileage on a tank of gas.

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