Sunday, January 11, 2009

Removing Dinnerware Marks

Q. Does anyone know how to remove the pencil-like marks on dinnerware that are caused by using stainless utensils to cut food or stir coffee? I've tried powdered cleansers, even an abrasive eraser, but nothing really works. Please help! - Barb

• I've used bleach to remove those marks from coffee mugs- Linda

• Working in the floorcovering industry for 17 years, we run into the same type of problem all the time: a metal "score" mark on ceramic tile. What I have found that works the best for this is something quite easy and simple - a pencil eraser does the trick! This will not work if the score has penetrated the glaze, but as long as the mark is light, it will come right off with just a little bit of rubbing, just like erasing pencil lead. - Tim

• Try a little silver cleaner (the stuff that removes tarnish) mom has the same problem and this seems to work. BB

• Wenol - Wonderful product for removing stains, as well as silver and utensil marks on dinnerware and rust too is called Wenol....a small tube will last years and will clean up all those problem areas on pottery and china! Takes a bit of elbow grease along with a small dab of the Wenol. are hearing this from a long-time Fiesta collector and antiques dealer.....if you have stains, utensil marks, silverware marks, rust, spoon marks, some of the darkening on the surface of your pottery or Fiestaware, (vintage OR contemporary) (and who doesn't??).....this usually will remove the majority of them. Wenol combined with that good, old-fashioned elbow great! It performs well for me at my antiques shop for removing silverware stains and some use marks from dishes of all types, be it.....fine china, Fiestaware, Stangl, most pottery, Corelle, etc. - Jim

• I learned at the china store, and it works, a powdered cleanser called ZUD. Don’t know why this one works when others don’t, but it does! - Sarah

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