Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nicotine Build-Up On Mirrors

Q. What will remove smoke film from mirror glass? I have tried everything, nothing will cut the nicotine build up. [Quit smoking, praise God] Thank you, --Betty/NC

We had this problem after my mother died. But I was amazed by what Windex cleaned up. I'm surprised this hasn't worked for her. Congratulation on giving up this expensive and unhealthy habit!

I use Fantastic cleaning spray to get rid of the nicotine/ yellow build up. I have used this idea for use in cars also. Maureen & Skylar

Try half and half white vinegar and water. You may have to go over it more than once if the buildup is extremely heavy. Warning: It will stink when you take it off!

Try pure rubbing alcohol to remove the smoke. I clean my mirrors with it all the time and it does not leave streaks.

When we inherited my folks place the nicotine was heavy everywhere. They had both been chain smokers for years. I discovered many of Mom's tan knickknacks were actually white when I used window cleaner that was strong with ammonia on them. If you've already tried this. Try using straight sudsy ammonia in a well ventilated area on the mirror and lots of elbow grease. I actually had to soak some of her pieces to get them clean, but I wouldn't recommend immersing the whole mirror as it may take the silver backing off the mirror. Instead cover the glass with newspapers and dampen (not soaking) them with the ammonia, let it set. That should do it. --Jan

Clean mirror with rubbing alcohol . If that don't work, then try ammonia full strength. One other thing to try is vinegar diluted with a small amount of water.

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