Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fixing Used Cars

We have a 92` Ford Tempo that has been diagnosed as needing a new motor. The thing is dying fast. The problem is we still owe 1,700 on the car and it`s probably only worth 1,000 even if there was nothing wrong with it. The motor, we were told would cost over 2,000 to replace. So we can`t sell it, drive it or even donate it, (since we still owe on it). Do any of you kind people have any ideas on how to get at least some money out of this car or to fix it for less than 500.00? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Joyce

• About your car you should check the local junk yards to see if they have a rebuilt motor for your make and model you get this for close to 200.00 I would next suggest that you find a back yard mechanic to put it in for you or buy the manual and do it yourself. My husband has replaced a couple motors over the years and has not found it to be to difficult. Hope this helps. Tonette

•I'd suggest going to a junk yard. A local mechanic should be able to install it for you, or try the local technical school. Some technical schools also rebuild motors at cost. My car was totaled, axel broken, side crushed and they had to cut the top off to get my daughter out. The motor was perfect! It sits in a junk yard in another state. Here in SC, we have a lot of accidents with young teenagers having new cars and wrecking them. I'm sure the motors are perfect in many of those vehicles in junk yards. Betty

• If you have a community college in your area, check to see if they have an auto mechanic department. the students will be working on your car, but there are very skilled mechanics there that teach the class and make sure they do well. this is also a good way to get rid of a car with very little value. you may even get to write it off as a deduction. -Lauren

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