Friday, November 14, 2008

Reuse Medicine Bottles

Besides all the common uses for empty bottles of many sizes, your medicine bottles are typically not recyclable, so check with your pharmacy to see if they're agreeable to reusing them. Some have found that non-chain pharmacies will reuse them, so carry some in your car when you stop to have a prescription refilled.



Anonymous said...

I use it to store my damp sponge, which is used to straighten my embroidery floss when I do my cross stitch.

There are great to store beads and charms in, also for my cross stitch.

If you are a toothpick user, you can put toothpicks in the taller ones and carry it around in your hand bag.

When my cat was living I put a couple of buttons in them, closed them up and my cat would play with them for hours. It rolls sort of crazy too, because of the lid. You need to use the childproof cap for that use.

When I travelled I used to pack my earrings in them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, We take them to the Vet's office and they reuse for pet prescriptions.

Anonymous said...

I like to use them for storing seeds I save from the garden. There are so many sizes available now. The larger ones I have used to pack plastic spoon (sometimes I have to modify the handle by shortening it a bit), a folded napkin, a couple teabags and a couple of sugar packets. I throw this into my backpack when I am flying and since I also pack a plastic go mug with me, I am always ready should there be a huge delay in the airport. I can often find hot enough water to make a cup of tea to help ease my nerves during a layover.

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