Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flower Bulb Storage Solution

Tender bulbs that must be overwintered indoors are tough to keep organized. These include canna lilies, freesias, caladiums, gladioluses, dahlias and tuberous begonias.

Keep track of what’s what by storing them in egg cartons, with each bulb identified on the top of the carton. The cartons have ventilation holes that prevent rot.

Source: Birds and Blooms Garden Newsletter.

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Anonymous said...

That's an incredible idea! I always tell myself that I'll remember which was which color (due to size difference or some other defining detail) but nevertheless, it doesn't work. I have a question, though. My dahlia's are branched out with many tubers coming off the "stem". Can I break them up into individual bulbs and expect them all to grow in the spring or will that cause too much stress on the plant? Thanks for your help. AMY

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