Saturday, November 8, 2008

4 Ways To Earn Cash Before Christmas

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Now that stores everywhere are starting to sparkle with Christmas merchandise, you may have found yourself going into a panic. How are you going to afford all of the things you want to do this Christmas? Maybe you’ve got your heart set on buying your children some really snazzy gifts. Or maybe you want to make the trek home to your parents’ house for Christmas. Whatever your holiday plans, you can almost bet that you will need some extra money to make them happen.

Before your panic turns into a full meltdown, you should know that there are some simple ways to earn some extra cash in time for your holidays. Depending upon whether you have an abundance of time, talent, or stuff, you can turn your excess into money in no time.

Sell your junk. Selling your unwanted items on eBay just gets easier and easier. Simply take a picture, type a short description, and click a few buttons and your product is out there for someone to find. Maybe there is someone, right now, looking for the old edition magazine that’s collecting dust in your closet. Do a little research by looking at similar items to help you decide the best way to list your treasures.

Work at your favorite store. Almost all retailers need extra help on the holidays. Why not cash in on the time you spend in your favorite shop and earn a paycheck? You may even get the benefit of a bonus on your purchases there.

Put your talents to good use. Bake breads and treats to sell at a local market. Knit tiny baby blankets to sell on eBay. You may even be able to help your neighbors by starting a Christmas light hanging service. Just look for ways to use the things your good at to benefit someone else. You can advertise online in a community bulletin board or by hanging flyers in your neighborhood.

Become a salesperson. Do you enjoy going to Pampered Chef or Home Interiors parties? You can earn your own little stash for Christmas by becoming a salesperson. Start a little early (You don’t want to be trying to talk your friends into hosting parties during the holidays), and you’ll be able to build your own Christmas fund. Be sure to choose a company that allows you to minimize your initial investment, as well as finding a product that you really enjoy selling.

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