Saturday, August 9, 2008

Toxic Dryer Sheets Alternative

Toxic dryer sheets have a lot of things in them that you do not want to have on the towels and clothing you're going to put on your skin. Commerical fabric softeners build up on towels over time, making them less absorbent.

We've used white vinegar for 15 years. Lots cheaper and it:

eliminates static cling
removes soap residue from your clothes
softens your towels and clothes
makes your towels more absorbent
deodorizes without heavy perfumes

Don't you just hate to walk around smelling like your laundry detergent? So many people do, ya know!

Learn more about toxic dryer sheets and alternatives for your laundry.


Anonymous said...

Vinegar is amazing for laundry and if you want your clothes to smell good coming out of the dryer, put in a washcloth with 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil when you are drying the clothes.

Anonymous said...

Vinegar is the only thing we use as our fabric softner and we love it.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to not use dryer sheets...the 'stuff' on them that coats your clothing to make them soft also coats your dryers lint filter. This invisible coating makes it so the air cannot flow thru the filter properly and can, if left uncleaned off, start a dryer fire or burn out your heating element way before it's time. (Try line drying! It has worked for centuries and really makes the clothing smell fresh)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea but would like to know exactly how to use the vinegar.

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