Friday, August 15, 2008

Gas Cap Savings

Looking for ways to save gas? Give the gas cap an extra twist.

Nearly 1 in 5 cars has a loose cap, causing 147 million gallons of  gas a year to vaporize, according to Rich White, head of the Car Care Council.

A leaky cap can rob you of two miles a gallon, abotu 10% of typical mileage, which is as much of a gas-waster as under-inflated tires, dirty air filters and worn spark plugs.

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Anonymous said...

Another reason to tighten your gas cap...if the cap is loose in some cars the "check engine" light will come on. The warning light doesn't tell you that the cap is loose just the something is wrong. I wasted a lot of money having diagnostics done to be told I didnt tighten the cap enough!!! So, put the cap on tight to save gas and money on unneeded shop time!!

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