Monday, August 25, 2008

Amazon Shopping Goes Green

Amazon's new green shopping website includes these products:

• Automotive
• Books, Movies, TV, Magazines & Downloads
• Certified Organic Grocery
• Electronics & Computers
• Health, Beauty & Personal Care
• Home & Garden
• Home Improvement
• Shoes
• Sporting Goods
• Toys & Baby Products

Access the green information guides on topics:

• Composting 101
• Green Wedding Guide
• Green Tips for Your Lawn
• Greening Baby's Room
• Greening Your Child's Playroom
• Greening Your Laundry Room
• Greening Your Office
• Greening Your Car
• Recycling Electronics for Fun & Profit
• Tips for a Greener Bathroom
• Tips for a Greener Bedroom
• Tips for a Green Home Theater
• Tips on Green Cleaning
• Tips for a Green Kitchen
• Waste-Free Holidays

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