Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bedroom Decorating

Dreamweaver's post in our Decorating Forum.

I love to have things in my bedroom coordinate but it's really hard to do on such a tight budget. I bought curtains at an outlet store for 1.99 a panel. I actually accidentally bought too many panels not realizing that I would only need to hang two over my large bedroom window. When I hung 4 it was just too much. Rather than returning the extra panels I found that they are large enough to cut into pillow cases!

I now have pillow cases (including one for my large body pillow) that match my curtains! I use 4 pillows on my bed and sheet sets only come with 2 pillow cases. I have enough to cover all my pillows! When I get tired of the set I have now I'll just buy some new curtains and do the same again! I hope you all enjoy this helpful tip ... you can save a lot of money rather than buying shams to match your curtains!

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