Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Decorating Tip

Belinda's post in the Decorating Forum.

Another thing I have done to save money is to save boxes as I buy things and use them for storage in other areas of my home. I just decoupage them with paper or fabric to match the room they will go in. I have found beautiful wrapping paper at the dollar tree and I just use watered down school glue to adhere it and then go over the top too.

Even better protection is given if you go over the final product with varnish. I have used the big diaper boxes from Costco as toy boxes so that the various rooms don't look so cluttered. I cover them with adult appropriate paper that matches the decor of the room.

I put up shelves in my craft room and put all my supplies in different boxes that I have saved. A round grits container is perfect for pens, shoe boxes are perfect for odds and ends, the boxes that paper came in are perfect for other papers. I also printed labels using my computer and glued them right on too.

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