Friday, April 6, 2007

Keep Your Goal ... Change Your Plan!

It's hard to move forward while looking backward, but without looking backward we fail to give gratitude for accomplishment or learn from failure both necessary for future success.

2006 was a monumental year for Elizabeth, my wife, and me. It marked our 10-year Debt-Freedom anniversary. 1996 was a monumental year as well.

In 1996 we switched financial freedom tactics. With debt elimination accomplished, it was time to create enough income-generating wealth to give us the freedom to choose our rat-race exit date.

Our calculations projected we could reach this next milestone in 10 years 2006 provided our income stayed the same, our investments cooperated, and living expenses remained modest. We created a new Goal Card with 2006 as our date objective and designed a Plan to achieve it.

Then came the challenges...

Two months after accomplishing Debt-Freedom, my engineering job relocated itself to high cost-of-living San Jose, CA. No way I was going to get back into debt following a job.

Scratch 1 income ...

In 2000 the Internet bubble burst, taking the stock market with it.

Scratch years of stock investing gains ...

In September 2001, I launched DebtIntoWealth -- 10 days before terrorists attacked the U.S. with commercial jets.

Scratch marketing plan and remaining stock market assets.

You might think, given these "disasters," we were tempted to tear-up our Goal Card. And you'd be right. But each disaster reminded us of the risk of being financially dependent on jobs and stock markets.

Instead of changing our Goal ... we changed our Plan.

In 2006 as our Goal Card predicted -- we left the rat race. Like Elizabeth is fond of saying,

"Keep taking steps in a certain direction and you're going to end up where you're headed."

Disasters have a way of ignoring your well laid plans. Make a Goal Card ... if you don't have one already. Change your Plan ... if disasters make it necessary.

But by all means, get yourself and your family on the path to debt-freedom and job-independence today. I assure you ... life's a lot more fun and disasters are a lot less disastrous!

Greg Moore is the Architect of the Debt Freedom System. Pay off all of your debt in 5-7 years using the money you already make. Find out why financial guru and best-selling author, Suze Orman, is advising her millions of followers to " Everyone should be agressively paying off mortgage debt as fast as possible." Greg offers Lesson #1 Free.
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