Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Restoring Non-stick Cookware

Question From Forum:
I seem to remember watching a cooking program on a cable channel years ago. The host was introducing a segment about restoring the "non-stick" to non-stick cookware. The phone rang and I missed the rest of the show. I never saw or read anything since about restoring non-stick pans, etc. I've always believed it couldn't be done. True or false?

Answer From Forum:
What they recommend before it gets to that point, is to every so often, wipe the non-stick surface with cooking oil on a paper towel. There is some stuff that Presto recommended to me for my non-stick skillet that was sticking right above where the coil underneath was located. Unfortunately I can't remember the name, but it is in the cleaning section in the supermarket in a little green container.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Herbal Alternative

It seems everybody frugal has used herbs and supplements for the sheer savings on medical bills, but sometimes you don't know where to begin. We've gathered success stories for many years. There are even Pet Success Stories.

Read what others have done with natural therapies, for specific health issues, on The Frugal Life's Herbal Success Stories.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Discovering Bonus Storage Space - Right In Your Home

by Lois Breneman

All of us have probably said how we need more storage space in our homes. First of all, getting rid of all those things we really don't need will cut way down on the needed storage space. Then how about investigating every available space in your home and putting it to good use if you are still in need of more storage space? In many cases it is available and just waiting to be found! Here are some clues as to where you can discover extra bonus space right in your own home!
Hang a clear vinyl pocket organizer inside the linen closet to hold bandaids, small tubes of medications, a thermometer, ball syringes, etc. Everything will be easy to see and locate quickly when needed.

Hang another clear vinyl pocket organizer inside the coat closet for sunglasses, gloves, scarves, fold up umbrellas, etc.

Hang more clear vinyl pocket organizers inside your children's closet doors, unless the doors are louvered. I'm sure you will agree that small things stored in these pockets are so much better than scattered all around their rooms! And everything will all be visible through the clear vinyl!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Breaking Free From Debt With a Passion

by Donna L. Watkins

Debt-free living is such a key area of our lives that needs to be changed in America. The focus needs to be taken off of THINGS and put on PEOPLE ... the time we spend shopping for stuff to fill our closets and cabinets could be and should be, spent on building relationships and helping others.

We need a Global Focus to understand that we don't have to have a Pity Party for ourselves to give up the stuff. You don't have to look very far to realize how blessed we are. There are people dying on streets that don't have any food to eat. There are people eating out of trash cans daily and sleeping on concrete. It's time for us to be grateful for what we have and to share with others who do not have.

Here's a few of our tips for debt-free living. You have to find and make your own. Borrow some books from the library on debt-free living and on simplicity. You don't have to buy them ... just borrow them. People generally read a book only once and then stick it on the shelf as another possession. Use the library system or check with friends and begin to trade books.

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"Simplicity of living, if deliberately chosen, implies a compassionate approach to life. It means that we are choosing to live our daily lives with some degree of conscious appreciation of the condition of the rest of the world." Duane Elgin

"Do what is good with your own hands, so that you might earn something to give to the needy." Ephesians 4:28